Presto! - Ages 7 to 12       


Presto is an amazing program for the older beginner where your child will learn advanced musical skills using age-appropriate methods!

Presto is for the beginning pianist, whether they have had a year or so of piano lessons or no piano lessons at all. Presto teaches so much more than piano! Classes are small groups, with 4-5 students in each class. 

We teach COMPLETE musicianship: vocal training, ear training, sight reading, music theory, rhythm, music history, proper piano technique, and we do it in a fun, snappy style that tweens love! 

Most likely, those students who already have had a year or so of piano haven't studied all areas of music. In fact, they most likely have only dabbled a little in rhythm, have some note reading skills, and developed some finger strength. We include an optional "challenge" section written into the Presto curriculum to satisfy the appetite of hard working students and that of students who already have finger dexterity built from previous piano lessons. 

The curriculum is organized into two sequential years. 

In the first year, we use engaging games and songs to teach staff awareness, ear training, advanced theory concepts and rhythm skills. We also focus on developing the inner ear, vocal channeling, and singing on pitch. We are learning to play the piano with the right hand first and then adding the left hand. We play a major scale, learn the names of the white keys, read and perform rhythms, and study the Baroque and Classical Eras in music history. 

In the second year, we play repertoire and scales in various keys, add chords to the melody, By the end of the year, students are playing piano at a level 1-2, transposing music, composing their own music, sight reading and sight singing, have developed relative pitch, understand classical form and are prepared to excel in further private piano instruction or any other instrument of their choice.


WHY PRESTO? - Great INFO found here!


  • 2 semesters of 15 lessons per semester + Spring Recital
  • Classes start mid-August and end the last week of April/beginning of May.
  • Classes are 60 minutes long
  • Parents attend once per semester

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